Macronutrient Timing

Complex Carbs are our main source of energy, so why do we demonize them? Fats are also a source of energy, but some would say that fats are the enemy. None of that is true. In western culture, we tend to use them wrong in our meals. There's nothing wrong with meat & potatoes... if that's your lunch. Nothing wrong with some fat in your meal, when that meal is your dinner. When we construct our meals, we use these rules of engagement:

  • Every meal includes a full portion of quality protein
  • Every meal includes fresh veggies
  • Our breakfasts & lunches include high glycemic carbohydrates for sustained energy through your busy day
  • Our dinners include a portion of healthy fat to keep your metabolism going throughout the night
  • If a meal is high in carbs, it's very low in fat
  • If a meal is higher in fat, it's very low (or no) carbs

With a little bit of thought put into how your meals are constructed, we can maximize your energy and naturally affect fat loss in your body.